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It's been a rough few months or year or years, actually. I've lost track. I'm just emerging and wanted to share with you the tools/hacks/tips that helped me get through an especially challenging period.

For context, I've been feeling foggy since December because my daughter was in remote school for a month, plus we had no childcare for my baby. My grandmother passed. I also scheduled a total hysterectomy (this is preventative because I carry the BRCA1 gene - more on that later). And there's Omicron, which affected so many loved ones and left me feeling very lonely.

This last COVID wave has hit my mental health the hardest. Instead of being with my family downstairs to celebrate New Years at midnight, at 11:52pm on December 31st, I ran upstairs to pound my bed with fists in a rage of over exhaustion, frustration and grief. It wasn't the most graceful entrance to the new year but now I'm hitting reset (it's never too late - even though it's almost February).

Normally for the new year I reflect on a series of questions to highlight what I'm most grateful for, the biggest lesson of the year, the accomplishment I'm most proud of, etc. But I had neither the brainpower or will for such an exercise. Instead, I engaged in what I'm calling a calendar scan.

Watch this video for a simple, fast, and easy way you can remind yourself of how powerful and productive you are. I hope this boost will thrust you towards into a more energetic, excited, and can-do state. It worked for me.

Please post a comment on the video to let me know if you do it and how it goes. Share what you notice about your body, mindset, or anything else that shifts.


What's Stella Been Up To

Here is what I reveled in from the calendar scan technique for 2021. I'm really proud of how much support I sought out - which is big growth for someone who used to struggle with asking for help.
• Hired eight contractors to support my business and released three
• Delivered over 54 keynotes and trainings
• Listened to my intuition and switched OBGYN practices in week 37 of my pregnancy
• Hired a doula who helped me feel at ease and joyful for most of the birth
• Delivered my healthy son, Lev
• Completed four major home repair/renovation projects
• I'm still breastfeeding!
• Kept my daughter, Linor, in person at school and camp (except for this last month)
• Nurtured a loving relationship between Linor and Lev
• Found a caring nanny
• Started physical therapy and consistent exercise
• Regained enough energy to properly make my bed again with the accent pillows!
• Created new content for trainings
• Shared The Work Happiness Method™ with new organizations and universities
• Scheduled regular evening walks with a girlfriend
• Organized a summer and fall getaway and tried goat yoga!
• Took a personal development class for fun
• Started writing again
• Supported leaders in having major career breakthroughs

This exercise helped me go from feeling stuck and helpless to feeling momentum and capable. I'm curious what it does for you.


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