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It's been a rough few months or year or years, actually. I've lost track. I'm just emerging and wanted to share with you the tools/hacks/tips that helped me get through an especially challenging period.

For context, I've been feeling foggy since December because my daughter was in remote school for a month, plus we had no childcare for my baby. My grandmother passed. I also scheduled a total hysterectomy (this is preventative because I carry the BRCA1 gene - more on that later). And there's Omicron, which affected so many loved ones and left me feeling very lonely.

This last COVID wave has hit my mental health the hardest. Instead of being with my family downstairs to celebrate New Years at midnight, at 11:52pm on December 31st, I ran upstairs to pound my bed with fists in a rage of over exhaustion, frustration and grief. It wasn't the most graceful entrance to the new year but now I'm hitting reset (it's never too late - even though it's almost February).

Normally for the new...

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